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Lifestyle & Commuter E-Bikes

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Lifestyle and Commuter E-Bikes from RILU Trading are fun to ride. Our DART now comes in 2 colors: matt black and brushed Aluminium and cuts a great picture for anybody riding it through the city streets. The DART may be single gear and very light weight as an e-Bike, but the high torque 250W rear hub motor propels the rider up just about any hill with only light and easy pedaling. Style, speed and convenience are the attributes of the single gear DART from RILU e-Bike.

The E-Glider is a picture of simplicity and convenience and comes in two attractive, bright and glossy colors: grey and deep blue. With 3 Shimano Nexus hub gears it masters any hills with ease; while the fully enclosed chain ensures the rider stays completely free of grease. Even at its entry level price for a pedal assist e-bike, the E-Glider comes with a 36 V / 13 AH long range Lithium battery, giving the rider at least 60km of easy, comfortable commuting before requiring a re-charge.

The E-Glider 7D and the BOLT are the ultimate in comfort and safety for our lifestyle and commuter e-bikes. Both models have front suspension forks and suspension saddle posts which even out any bumps in the road. Both, the BOLT and the E-Glider 7D have 7 Shimano Altus derailleur gears and positive, easy to use gear shifter, making them the ideal electric bicycle for any terrain. The stop-go at the traffic lights is no longer a pain, as both models have “Easy Start” thumb throttles, getting the rider off the mark, even on the side of hill. While the E-Glider 7D is the RILU e-Bike most easy to get on and off with its very step-over height of just 39cm; the unique frame design of the BOLT make it the ideal commuter for both, small and tall riders. Both models are equipped with integrated front & rear lights and for ultimate safety have front and rear Shimano disk brakes. The long-range Lithium batteries make both, the E-Glider 7D and the BOLT the ideal commuter and touring e-Bikes.