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Lifestyle & Commuter E-Bikes

Lifestyle and Commuter E-Bikes from RILU Trading are very comfortable, easy and fun to ride. Our distinct black & silver colored BOLT and ONYX models make a great “his & hers” pair of e-bikes.  The BOLT and ONYX come with a 500WH, long range battery and are well complemented by the smaller and more traditionally styled E-Glider 7D.

The ONYX and the BOLT are the ultimate in style, comfort and safety for our lifestyle and commuter e-bikes. Both models have front suspension forks and suspension saddle posts which even out any bumps in the road. The BOLTthe ONYX and the E-Glider 7D have 7 derailleur gears and a positive, easy to use gear shifter, making them the ideal electric bicycle for any terrain. The stop-go at the traffic lights is no longer a pain, as all 3 models have “Easy Start” thumb throttles, getting the rider off the mark, even on the side of hill. The E-Glider 7D  is the RILU e-Bike most easy to get on and off with its very  low step-over height of just 39cm. All 3 models are equipped with integrated front & rear lights and for ultimate safety have front and rear disk brakes. The long-range Lithium batteries make all three RILU e-Bikes ideal long range commuter and touring e-bikes.

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