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Electric Bikes Wholesale and Retail Australia Wide

RILU Trading Pty LtdFor more than 5 years, RILU Trading Pty Ltd has been making high quality, great value for money reliable electric bicycles (e-bikes) available for purchase through our continually expanding Australian network of independent and professional retailers.
The RILU E-Bike brand is a registered Australian brand, proudly owned by RILU Trading Pty Ltd. The logo is displayed on all our e-bikes which are designed in Australia and manufactured to European quality and performance standards, meeting the Australian Standard: AS 15194:2016 for electrically assisted bicycles.

With tightly controlled manufacture assembly, all bikes offered in our range use high quality branded parts like Shimano gears etc. RILU provides a 2-year warranty on all e-bikes, backed by a comprehensive range of spare parts stored at our warehouse for prompt service by our professional retailers.
RILU Trading Pty Ltd is committed to continuously improve and expand its range of electric bikes, to meet the needs for reliable, low cost, environmentally friendly and comfortable transport by all Australians; young and old, short and tall, fit and otherwise. Our range will exceed 10 models by the end of 2019, including folding e-bikes, city, commuter and life style electric bikes, delivery e-bikes, on-and off-road electric bikes and mountain e-bikes.

Our electric bicycles are easy and fun to ride and we are proud of the many positive comments we receive from our customers, please check our reviews to see what our satisfied customers are saying. We continually expand our dealer network, to ensure all Australians can purchase and be supported their RILU E-Bike from a qualified local retailer.

Our Rilu e-Bikes are street legal.

Replace a car

Does your 2nd car spend most of its life in a car park in the city or a nearby train station? Swap it for an e-Bike. Save money on parking , registration, insurance, gas, service, etc.! Test ride a RILU e-Bike today!

Escape Public Transport

No more packed trams, buses, trains! No more inconvenient time tables! Chose your own time and e-Bike to work or school without a sweat on a RILU e-Bike. Test ride a RILU e-Bike today!

Old, Unfit, Kids, No Car

Too old to drive a car? Not fit or flexible enough to ride a normal bike? Not looking your best in Lycra? Enjoy the freedom, ease and comfort of riding a RILU e-Bike. Test ride a RILU e-Bike today!

Enjoy New Bike Path

Your city, state and territorial governments are expanding their networks of bike lanes and paths all the time. Go and explore them in comfort on your RILU e-Bike. Test ride a RILU e-Bike today!

The RILU e-Bike Team


Kurt has lived and worked in 4 different countries, including 15 years in Taiwan and China of his almost 50 years of working life, in senior technical and commercial roles. He returned to Australia in 2013 to start RILU Trading Pty Ltd. His long exposure to electric bikes and scooters in China stimulated his enthusiasm for this quick, quiet and very comfortable mode of transport. After a steep 3-year learning curve, Kurt has become an expert in e-bikes and has a deep appreciation of the many modes of individual electric transport regularly introduced to the Australian public. RILU e-Bikes represent a great way to explore, to commute, to just have fun on 2 wheels, without the hassles of getting licensed. E-Bikes enable young and old to enjoy the freedom of movement at low cost and with a low environmental impact. Make sure you have a chat to Kurt when you are next at RILU Trading's headquarter in Maribyrnong.


After graduating from RMIT in Melbourne with a Bachelor of Electronics, Alex spent some time at EV Australia Pty Ltd, where his involvement in the project of supplying Australia Post with electric bicycles took him to China, to secure quality in supply and manufacture of mail delivery e-bikes. Alex remained in China for another 4 years, mainly involved in the manufacture of electric bikes and their electrical and electronic controlling system for European customers whilst working for local Chinese companies. With his deep insight into quality electric bike manufacture and their critical components, Alex became a key member of the RILU e-Bike. He ensures that every new RILU bike model coming onto the Australian market meets the growing needs and expectations of our customers.

RILU e-Bikes are the best option for well designed, well priced, high quality and durable electric bikes available almost anywhere in Australia.