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RILU Trading Pty Ltd brings its own brand of high quality, high performance, reliable and long lasting e-bikes (electrically assisted bicycles) to a fastgrowing Australian market.

RILU e-Bike electric bicycles are designed in Australia and manufactured to European quality and standards using branded parts. They all meet the EN 15194:2009+A1:2011 standard applicable to street-legal, electric bicycles in Australia. RILU e-Bikes are backed by 2 year warranties on all major parts and our dealers are supported with product training and backed up by a comprehensive range of spare parts.

As the importer-wholesaler and owner of the Australia registeredRILU e-Bike brand, RILU Trading Pty Ltd is continuing to look for professional bike and e-bike retailers to join us, by putting our growing range of e-bike models on their shop floor. Through their quality, design, as well as realistic and competitive pricing, RILU e-Bikes bring a new range of customers to our retailers, particularly commuters and retirees.

RILU e-Bikes: No License - No Registration - No Petrol - No Parking Fees - No Public Transport Cancellations: No Sweat!

Replace a car

Does your 2nd car spend most of its life in a car park in the city or a nearby train station? Swap it for an e-Bike. Save money on parking , registration, insurance, gas, service, etc.! Test ride a RILU e-Bike today!

Escape Public Transport

No more packed trams, buses or trains! No more inconvenient time tables or service cancellations! Chose your own time and get a an electric bike to ride to work, or school without raising a sweat. Test ride a RILU e-Bike today!

Old – Unfit - No Car?

You may be too old to drive a car, or just lost your driver’s license. You may not be fit, or flexible enough to ride a normal bike, nor look your best in Lycra. You can still enjoy the freedom to move around, ride to work quickly and in comfort, by riding an electric bike. Contact your nearest dealer and test ride a RILU e-Bike today.

Enjoy New Bike Path

Your city, state and territorial governments are expanding their networks of bike lanes and paths all the time. Go and explore them in comfort on your RILU e-Bike. Test ride a RILU e-Bike today!

Meet our expert

Kurt Rihs has lived and worked in 4 different countries, including 15 years in Taiwan and China of his almost 50 years of working life, in senior technical and commercial roles. He returned to Australia in 2013 to start RILU Trading Pty Ltd. His long exposure to electric bikes and scooters in China stimulated his enthusiasm for this quick, quiet and very comfortable mode of transport. After a steep 3-year learning curve, Kurt has become an expert in e-bikes and has a deep appreciation of the many modes of individual electric transport regularly introduced to the Australian public. RILU e-Bikes represent a great way to explore, to commute, to just have fun on 2 wheels, without the hassles of getting licensed. E-Bikes enable young and old to enjoy the freedom of movement at low cost and with a low environmental impact. Make sure you have a chat to Kurt when you are next at RILU Trading's headquarter in Maribyrnong.