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Electric Bikes vs Cars – The Most Awaited Comparison of the Decade

There’s a very popular line in George Orwell’s famous book Animal Farm, “Four legs good, two legs bad”. But in our case, it is fair to conclude that four wheels are good, but two wheels are better.

The more we drive fossil fuel vehicles, the more we contribute to carbon emissions. Studies show that rises in atmospheric carbon dioxide are primarily accountable for around 66% of the total energy imbalance on earth. It is also causing global warming. Climate change due to the massive increment of carbon dioxide is one of the major global threats we currently face. The adoption of green transportation is our best option to reduce carbon dioxide and control climate change.

The environmental benefit of riding electric bicycles in Mount Barker or other cities is quite apparent, but that’s not the only reason that provides electric bikes with a competitive edge over petrol and diesel vehicles. From the cost of ownership to dodging traffic, electric bikes are miles ahead of cars. The below comparisons will help you learn why e-bikes are a better transportation mode than fossil fuel vehicles.

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1 Save Money with Electric Bikes

The cost of electric bikes may seem a bit expensive initially, but in the long run, e-bikes are a great cost saver compared to petrol and diesel vehicles. Registration fees, maintenance & repair costs, insurance fees and other fees are applicable in both cases. So, they will cancel each other out. However, the rising cost of petrol and diesel will always be like a burden on you. E-bikes, on the other hand, run on rechargeable batteries and can go up to 22 to 50 miles on a single charge. Relaxed pedalling is the key to getting the most out of your e-bike’s rechargeable battery. You will surely be able to cut back expenses if you choose e-bikes over fossil fuel cars.

2 Stay Fit

Riding electric bicycles in Mount Barker or other cities is much like riding a regular cycle, which means you will get all the physical benefits that cycling offers. Since e-bikes run on the pedal assist, you will still get some workouts. Consider decreasing the pedal assistance level to get more out of your cycling sessions. Riding e-bikes on a higher assistance level is still a healthy choice for your physical and mental health over driving a car.

3 Beat The Traffic

Most cities in Australia now have a dedicated bike lane. In the rush hours, you can take advantage of this alternative path to reach your destination faster. However, you can’t drive your car on bike lanes. Overall, we will conclude that electric bicycles are a great option to manoeuvre through traffic and as a result, you will never be late for your office, delivery, or college.

We hope that the comparison between electric bikes vs cars was helpful to you. E-bikes still can’t entirely replace car trips, but they can at least save your money and help you to stay healthy. You can buy electric bicycles in Mount Barker or other areas from our authorised dealers. RILU Trading Pty Ltd is a registered and trusted Australian brand, selling high-quality e-bikes that match the European performance standards. We have e-bike dealers in:

  1. Queensland
  2. Victoria
  3. South Australia
  4. New South Wales
  5. Western Australia

Consider exploring our website to learn more about our different e-bike models and types.

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