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To Pedelec or not to Pedelec? How to Decide if an e-Bike is Right for You

How can you tell if an e-bike is right for you? These motorised, environmentally friendly two-wheelers seem like a good idea but you still have to make a decision. Do they fit your needs and would they improve your lifestyle? Here are a few questions (with answers!) to help you make your decision about e-biking.

Where am I going?

Everybody travels at some point during the day. You might be walking to the servo to pick up bread and milk, driving to work later on and then catching the tram into the city for a night out. Is there any room in there for an e-Bike?

Rilu′s e-Bikes have a restricted motor speed of 25 km/h. This might not be as fast as your car, but it shaves a lot off your walking time, and going down hills or being pushed ahead by the wind will get you really moving.

Depending on where you need to travel, you′ll need to know if your e-bike can get you there and back. Rilu e-Bikes run on a battery charge. Depending on weather conditions and hilly terrain, a single charge of the Li Ion battery takes 3-4 hours and will get you anywhere from 30 to 100 km, depending on how much you′re pedalling to help the motor chug along. And, of course, if the motor runs out you can still pedal home the old-fashioned way!

How much am I spending?

Choosing what to spend really depends on your budget and what you need it for. Using it every day to get to and from work will mean you need a reliable, long lasting unit, but the flat roads and easy ride might mean the reasonably priced City Flash variety is perfect.

Still not sure? You can always rent try an e-bike from a Rilu dealer, to test things out and see if you fit the e-Bike lifestyle

Who′s with me?

Marilyn Johnson, writing for The Conversation, says that if you′re not riding an e-Bike, “chances are you know someone who has.” Tony Trott, Australia Post′s head of sustainability, is keen on replacing the Post′s motorbikes with e-bikes to cut emissions and keep things efficient.

Rilu′s website is tremendously easy to use and very informative, but if you feel like belonging to an online community there are plenty of forums dedicated to all things electric bikes, like the electric vehicle and technology forum Endless Sphere. You′ll soon see you won′t be the only one running errands on your electric pedal-powered bike.

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