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As the commute returns, city workers jump on electric bikes

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Electric bikes at 250 watts ... the view has opened up nicely

A report by Marilyn Johnson from Monash University about the positive aspects on the regulation changes in Australia allowing the use of electric motors with up to 250W on pedal assisted electric bicycles in Australia.

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e-bike an exercise in torque technology

A report by David Jonston from the Financial Review on the utility and practicality of using a European style and quality e-bike for daily city commuting, etc.

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Electric bikes - cycling in the New World City: an investigation of Australian electric bicycle owners and the decision making process for purchase

A report by Marilyn Johnson and Geoffrey Rose from Monash University on the growth of e-bike use in Australia and the decision making processes on purchasing e-bikes by the different types of users.

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3000+ Miles on a Solar e-Bike across the USA

Anything is possible on electric bicycles. To catch up and then follow the progress of Marissa Muller on her trip through 10 states in the USA on a solar powered e-Bike, please follow those links:

New 700,000 electric bike fleet announced by government

A new fleet of 234 electric bikes will be available for cyclists to hire at 10 locations across the country. Paid for out of a £700,000 Department for Transport fund, the "e-bikes" are battery-assisted to make pedalling easier. The government hopes they will encourage bike use by people who don't cycle regularly or live in hilly areas. Transport minister Andrew Jones said it was part of a drive to double the number of UK journeys made by bicycle. For more details go to:

Electric Bikes: Evo rides a wave of popularity

Great report by Peter Wells, Tech Columnist from The Age newspaper on 2 March 2016 about the benefits of commuting by electrically assisted bicycles or e-Bikes. For more details go to

Not all electric bikes are street legal; RILU e-Bikes are completely street legal in Australia
Electric bikes a safety risk as some cyclist flout regulations

This article was posted on Sunday, 6 March, 2016 by ABC journalist Craig Allen and broadcast on ABC 24.

It clearly identifies the difference in safety, etc. between home built e-Bikes with powerful motors which are only legal for use off-road and on private property and the many street-legal, electrically assisted bicycles commercially available in Australia and beneficial for many daily commuters and other users. For the full article with all the details follow this link:

RILU e-Bikes are the best option for well designed, well priced, high quality and durable electric bikes available almost anywhere in Australia.