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What Are the Health Benefits of Riding Electric Bikes?

October 8, 2021 Blog Comments Off on What Are the Health Benefits of Riding Electric Bikes?

Cycling, in general, is one of the healthiest activities anyone can perform. Along with boosting your fitness, it will improve your wellbeing and fortify your immunity system. But do electric bikes provide the same benefits? Many people argue that e-bike riders don’t get enough exercise compared to standard pedal bike cyclists. But that’s not true!

Whether you believe it or not, but the fact is electric bicycles may help riders to get more exercise than standard bicycles. Here are a few of the many health benefits you can look forward to if you start riding electric bicycles in Australia or other countries.

#1 You Will Still Get Exercise Irrespective of Your Physical Ability


The biggest selling point of electric bicycles is their technology that allows anyone regardless of their ability to enjoy riding bicycles. E-bikes run on rechargeable batteries that support energy-efficient, pedal-assisted riding. It means people with joint pain or other physical limitations can still get out, ride their e-bike, and get their blood pumping without any hesitation or fear of injury.

Amateurs with moderate fitness can ride electric bicycles across the town or through the hills. Pedal assisted e-bikes also help athletes to get moving when they are recovering from an injury. Even people with chronic disabilities can ride e-bikes to get some low-impact exercise.

electric bikes Australia

#2 Enhance Your Cardiovascular Health

Riding an e-bike can strengthen your cardiovascular system and help you to take good care of your heart. Several studies suggest that cycling even on an electric bicycle for around 10 minutes daily can improve your cardiorespiratory performance and general health condition. So, consider adding cycling to your routine and make your heart & lungs stronger.

#3 Boost Your Mental Health and Wellbeing


After a quick session of riding an e-bike with your friends, you will surely notice improvements in your mood. The feeling of being outside while cycling will reduce your stress. Below is a small list of a few mental health benefits that you can achieve by continuing riding electric bikes in Australia or other countries:

  • Better sleep
  • Improved creative thinking and memory
  • Reduced stress and the risk of depression
  • Enhanced personal productivity

You can also choose to ride your e-bike for social reasons as cycling helps to build more confidence and also to socialise.

#4 Lose Weight


Cycling, in general, contribute to weight loss no matter whether you ride a conventional or electric bike. We recommend riding any type of bicycle for around 20 minutes as a part of cardiovascular exercise. The more you ride, the more calories you will burn. Therefore, achieving your weight loss goal will become easier for you.

We hope that the major health benefits of riding e bikes in Australia or other countries are now clear to you. RILU Trading Pty Ltd is a leading Australian company importing premium e-bikes from globally popular flagship brands. Electric bicycles that we sell are uniquely designed, high performing and competitively priced. Visit our product pages to explore our different types of e-bikes.

3 Reasons to Buy Electric Bicycles Over Fossil Fuel Vehicles

September 3, 2021 Blog Comments Off on 3 Reasons to Buy Electric Bicycles Over Fossil Fuel Vehicles

Global warming is a severe problem significantly impacting the climate and affecting the environment worldwide. Our excessive consumption of fossil fuels is one of those few reasons causing global warming. Green transportation companies and environmentally conscious people have already started to look for sustainable alternatives to replace fossil fuel vehicles. The rise and skyrocketing popularity of electric bicycles (e-bikes) is the result of this effort.

Studies and market researches show that electric bikes are the most considerable adoption of green transportation in the 21st century.  Investing in an electric bike can be good for your health, pocket, and the environment as well. Here’s why your next vehicle has to be an electric-powered bicycle instead of a petrol scooter or car.

sydney electric bikes

  1. Save Money

Petrol and diesel prices are costly in most countries. Besides, their occasional price surges can drastically affect your budget. E-bikes, on the other hand, run on electric power. It will cost you literally pennies per charge. You can ride a fully charged electric bike for up to 56 km on a single charge.

You don’t even have to spend a single penny to park your electric bike in most cases. Since many e-bikes are foldable, you can also keep them in your room even if you live in a small apartment.  Finally, we will conclude that the operation cost of electric bikes is much lower than fossil fuel vehicles. You will save money every single day if you consider investing in an e-bike.

  1. Reach Your Destination Faster

According to Australian regulations, the top assisted speed of electric bicycles is 25 kph, similar to the average rush-hour vehicle speed. However, cars and bikes might get caught in traffic congestion that causes delays and frustration. Electric bicycles, on the other hand, can take advantage of cycle lanes and multi-purpose shared paths that motorcycles and cars can’t access.

It’s no wonder why traffic-choked streets in New York, Paris, London, and Sydney are heavily dominated by electric bicycles. Just like other metropolises in Australia, Sydney is another bike-friendly city. Individuals can take advantage of the cycleways if they consider riding Sydney electric bikes for urban commuting. Along with knocking the traffic, it will also help them to reach to their destination faster.

  1. Clean and Green

As already mentioned at the beginning of the post, global warming is one of the biggest challenges to fight at this moment. Mankind is perhaps in the last stage where we can still slow or even stop the immense effects of global warming with strategic planning and policies.

Studies show that fossil-fuelled vehicles are one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions. The more petrol or diesel car you will ride, the more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases you will emit. Investing in an e-bike is the best way to reduce your carbon footprint. Many studies have shown that electric bikes emit lower pollutants per kilometre compared to fossil fuel vehicles. You can contribute to keeping the environment clean and green if you opt for electric bikes for urban commuting.

These are the 3 of the many reasons electric bicycles are considered a better option than fossil fuel vehicles. RILU Trading Pty Ltd is Australia’s fastest-growing electric bicycle wholesaler offering Sydney electric bikes at affordable prices. Our electric bicycles are uniquely designed, magnificently built, and backed by long-term warranties.

Electric Bikes in Melbourne – The Most Sought After Alternative Fuelled Vehicle

August 31, 2021 Blog Comments Off on Electric Bikes in Melbourne – The Most Sought After Alternative Fuelled Vehicle

The global electric bicycle market is growing substantially since the last decade. Now they represent the biggest uptake of vehicles fuelled with renewable energy in the history of advanced motorisation. The major Australian cities like Melbourne are also focusing on understanding the current e-bike trend, its impact on the environment, and travel behaviour. The country’s harmonisation of e-bike regulation is equivalent to European standards and coupled with a growing market interest. It has resulted in a flourishing electric bike sector in Melbourne and other Australian cities.

Electric Bike Potentiality in Melbourne

Electric bicycles offer quicker travel time with less effort. That’s how they reduce the most common barriers of ordinary bicycles. For example, e-bikes can help you to overcome physical limitations, topographical challenges, etc. You can also carry greater loads like groceries or children when riding an e-bike. These possibilities are making electric bicycles a better replacement for petrol scooters and cars. Besides, e-bikes are more nature-friendly and can help you to cut back expenses. The possibilities with e-bikes are endless, and we can show its reflection in their vast popularity surge across Australia, especially in Melbourne.

electric bikes Melbourne

We have already seen wide acceptance of electric bikes in Melbourne for personal travel and commercial applications. Many people have already switched from fossil fuel vehicles to electric bikes for daily commuting. The rapid growth of electric bicycle usage in the delivery industry is quite noticeable. Many food delivery boys now ride e-bikes for their job. So overall, it is fair to conclude that the usage of electric bicycles is surging in Melbourne, and studies suggest that it will completely change market dynamics in the coming few years.

The Leading Wholesaler of Electric Bicycles in Melbourne

RILU Trading Pty Ltd is the fastest growing importer and wholesaler of e-bikes. We are located in the inner west of Melbourne, but we serve across the country. Founded in 2013, RILU electric bicycles have always stood for reliability, high quality, and competitive pricing. We deal with all types of e-bikes, including:

  • Compact and folding electric bicycles
  • Lifestyle and commuter electric bicycles
  • Mountain and fat electric bicycles

All our e-bikes are globally recognised and backed by long-term warranties. They offer a comfortable, reliable, fast, and effortless riding experience suitable for all ages, sizes, and shapes. We don’t just offer ebike in Melbourne, you can also buy our electric bicycles from our authorised retailers and dealers in:

  1. New South Wales
  2. Victoria
  3. Queensland
  4. South Australia
  5. Western Australia etc.

Our team members work tirelessly to expand our network in Australia and provide the best value to our customers for their money. Ensuring your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we will do everything in our power for that. Visit your nearest RILU e-bike dealer today to take a test ride of the electric bike of your choice. Your decision of switching to an e-bike can significantly impact the environment as well as the green transportation economy. Together we can make the earth a better place of living for us and our future generation.

Regular Bicycles vs Electric Bikes – Know the Differences

August 10, 2021 Blog Comments Off on Regular Bicycles vs Electric Bikes – Know the Differences

People always have too many questions about e-bikes, and a common question among them is how electric bikes are different from normal bicycles? This post aims to answer that.

Look and Mechanics

Many people think that electric bikes look like scooters which is nothing but a myth. Electric bikes look like normal bicycles, but they come with added electric motors. Their body geometry, handlebars, and wheels are similar to regular cycles. In fact, the mechanical elements in electric bicycles like pedals and brakes also work in the same ways as in regular bicycles. It is hard to distinguish any difference between electric and normal bicycles at a quick glimpse. However, if you look carefully, you will notice electrical drive systems like an electric motor, display screen, controller, and battery in Sydney electric bikes. The battery runs the motor that assists as you pedal.

sydney electric bikes

Riding Experience

Cycling on an e-bike is a lot like riding a regular bicycle. You get on your e-bike, start pedalling, and then the electric motor kicks in. This transition takes place smoothly, so you may not notice any difference. Always remember that electric bikes don’t change the act of cycling – it only makes cycling much easier to do. With an electric bike, you can even handle strong headwinds with ease and glide up hills without getting out of breath.

E-bike riders can also step up or down the pedal assistance provided by the motor to change how the electric bicycle feels to ride. For example, if you reduce pedal-assistance, your legs have to do most of the work. On the other hand, you can also use minimum muscle power but still move quickly and easily if you set the motor to its maximum power.


In Australia, you can ride an electric bike on roads or bike paths with a stated power output of more than:

  • 200w without a pedal-assist system
  • or 250w with a pedal-assist system

The pedal-assist system of the e-bike has to be limited to do 6 km/h through a throttle or cruise control mechanism. The law regarding electric bikes in Australia is in line with European standards. It means your e-bike motor will help you to ride your cycle at 25 km/h. The motor will cut out if you want to go faster than this. So, you will need pure pedal power from your legs to ride your bike faster than 25 km/h.

E-bikes are built to make cycling easier, not to break speed records. Even the cheap electric bikes in Australia make pedalling feel effortless, and therefore you will not get tired as quickly. Overall, it is fair to conclude that electric bikes are comparatively faster than regular bicycles, but they are not built to chase speed.

We hope that the major differences between regular and electric bikes are now clear to you. Finally, we will conclude that you can consider investing in an e-bike if you want to make your ride comfortable. RILU Trading Pty Ltd is one of the most renowned electric bike companies committed to designing and manufacturing the best electric bikes for Australia. You can buy a RILU e-bike to experience how it is different from regular cycles.

Forster Cycles – RILU E-Bike Go-To Shop in New South Wales

August 4, 2021 Blog Comments Off on Forster Cycles – RILU E-Bike Go-To Shop in New South Wales

Forster Cycles is also known as Bicycle Centre Forster. Located at 170 Pine Avenue in Tuncurry, Bicycle Centre is a leading bike shop open six days a week. They have a full spectrum of bicycles in their inventory, including:

  • Electric bikes
  • Hybrid bikes
  • Fixie bikes
  • Cruiser bikes
  • Commuter bikes
  • Road bikes
  • Kids bikes
  • BMX bikes
  • Mountain bikes etc.

Buy RILU E-Bikes from Forster Cycles

Bicycle Centre Forster is one of our most trusted dealers operating from NSW. They sell some of our bestselling e-bikes like BOLT and the ONYX. You can also buy our folding electric fat bikes like ROADIE and POGO from their store. We recommend elders opt for our E-Glider 7D. This low step-over height e-bike ensures utmost comfort and safety. You can also buy this electric bike from Forster Cycles. They offer the best prices on e-bikes, accessories, bicycle parts, cycling apparel from global flagship brands, including RILU. You can count on Forster Cycles to buy authentic RILU bicycles and accessories at the most affordable prices.

forster cycles

Our Other Dealers

Bicycle Centre Forster is not our only dealer in New South Wales. You can also buy RILU e-bikes in NSW from shops like:

  1. Energy Electric Bikes in Brookvale (Shop 6, 674 Pitwater Road, Brookvale)
  2. Sunrise Cycles in Ballina (3 Hogan Street, Ballina)
  3. Glidez Bikes & Scooters for Everyone in Woy Woy (Shop 1, 7-9 The Boulevard, Woy Woy)
  4. Newcastle Electric Bikes in Islington (22 Maitland Rd, Islington)

We also have presences in Victoria. In this state, you can buy RILU e-bikes from stores like:

  1. Major’s Eaglehawk Sports Centre in Eaglehawk (25 High Street, Eaglehawk)
  2. Mac’s Cycles (Bike Hub) in Boronia (210 Dorset Road, Boronia)
  3. Bike Locker in Yarrawonga (80-82 Belmore Street, Yarrawonga)
  4. Ash Hall Cycles in Echuca (32 Nish Street, Echuca)
  5. Leading Edge Cycles in Shepparton (15 Edward Street, Shepparton)
  6. Great Southern Ride in Leongatha (70B Bair Street, Leongatha)
  7. Rays Bicycles in Brunswick (110 Sydney Road, Brunswick)
  8. Electric Bike Superstore in Malvern East (847 Princes Hwy Service Rd, Malvern East)
  9. Artavilla Emporium in Cobram (5-11 Station Street, Cobram)
  10. Freewheeling Cycles in Rosebud (1 Jetty Road, Rosebud)

Consider visiting any of the following bike shops to buy a RILU electric bicycle in Queensland:

  1. Electro Bikes in Capalaba (Unit 3/ 61-63 Steel Street, Capalaba)
  2. Cairns Bicycle Works in Earlville (504 Mulgrave Road, Earlville)
  3. Bundy Bikes in Bundaberg (113 Bargara Road, Bundaberg)
  4. Bike Shop & Rental in Port Douglas (3 Warner Street, Port Douglas)
  5. Gladstone Bicycle Centre in Gladstone (151 Auckland Street, Gladstone)
  6. Noosa Bike Shop in Noosaville (Shop 7, Home Maker Centre- Mary Street, Noosaville)
  7. Blind Freddy e-Bikes in Wilston (156 Newmarket Road, Wilston)
  8. Bay Bike Mobility in Pialba (Shop 2 / 26-28 Taylor Street, Pialba)
  9. Wobble-In Bicycles in Innisfail (5/180 Edith Street, Innisfail)

RILU lovers from Western Australia can buy RILU e-bikes from Movement Systems in Burswood or Bayshore E-Bikes in East Perth. Our electric bicycles are also available in South Australia in stores like:

  1. Easy Ride Bikes in Moana (Moana, SA 5169 / Willunga)
  2. Gawler Cycles in Willaston (Unit 4, 1 Theen Avenue, Willaston)
  3. Electric Bikes Superstore in Kensington Park (354 Magill Road, Kensington Park)
  4. Bicycles Mt. Barker in Mount Barker (12A Walker Street, Mount Barker)
  5. Electric Bikes Superstore in Brighton (417 Brighton Rd, Brighton)

RILU Trading Pty Ltd is a leading electric bike manufacturer. We have a presence across Australia, and therefore you can buy a RILU e-bike from any Australian state. You can visit Forster Cycles if you belong to New South Wales’s Great Lakes and Mid North Coast areas. Bicycle Centre Forster is the RILU e-Bike go-to shop to buy our electric bicycles at affordable prices.

Top Five Maintenance Tips for Your Electric Bikes

July 7, 2021 Blog Comments Off on Top Five Maintenance Tips for Your Electric Bikes

​Going green is the need of the hour. As a responsible citizen, if you want to contribute to keeping the environment clean, consider riding an electric bike. Along with environmental benefits, e-bikes also provide several other perks. For example, electric bikes are easy to maintain and therefore, you have to spend less time, effort, and money on their maintenance. The below tips will help you to keep your electric bike in top-notch condition.

  1. Cleaning 

You can keep dust, dirt, and debris away from your electric bike by cleaning it regularly. We recommend electric bike owners use a wet rag or low-pressure water stream to clean the bike. You have to be very careful when using water to clean the e-bike, or else the electrical system may get wet and cause malfunction. You must not use a high-pressure hose on any electrical parts.

e bikes Australia

  1. Tyre Pressure

You should always check the tire pressure before taking a ride on your electric bicycle. Use a pressure gauge to check the air pressure in your bike’s tires. Never ride your bike with inadequate tire pressure, as it may cause you to fall or skid. The recommended tire pressure range is either printed or embossed on the side of the tire.

  1. Battery Care

Batteries are arguably the most vital component of an electric bicycle. Therefore, you must check the battery quality carefully before buying one of the best e bikes in Australia or in any other countries. Lithium-ion batteries are the most common battery type for electric bikes. They can produce the maximum amount of power output for their weight compared to the other types of batteries. In addition, they are also durable and last longer. So always buy an electric bike that runs on a lithium-ion battery.

Besides, you also have to take good care of the battery throughout its lifetime. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before charging your battery for the first time. You may end up damaging the battery by charging it improperly. Please keep in mind that battery replacements can be expensive. So, take good care of the battery for as long as possible. Never leave your battery totally empty, or discharged for any length of time. Even when not using your electric bike for longer periods, plug your battery into the charger every 2-3 months.

  1. Lubrication

Always apply the right amount of lubrication to the major moving parts of your electric bike to ensure they work properly. You may notice several problems with your e-bike if the lubrication dries. You must lubricate your e-bike at least once every month. If you are a frequent rider, then do it once every week, particularly the chain. The chain must also be cleaned before further lubricant is applied. Use a special chain lubricant which does not attract as much dust.

  1. Brake Pads

You must look at the brake pads on your electric bike once every few weeks to check how they are holding up. Before riding the e-bike, you must ensure that the brakes are in good working condition: the pads are not overly worn and the cables are adjusted for easy application and control or else you may end up in a serious accident.

RILU Trading Pty Ltd is the fastest growing importer and wholesaler of electric bicycles in Australia. We are serving clients across the nation since 2014. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about electric bikes.

How Can an Electric Bike Change Your Life?

June 4, 2021 Blog Comments Off on How Can an Electric Bike Change Your Life?

Electronically assisted bicycles or electric bikes are gradually becoming more popular across the globe. E-bikes are energy efficient, emission-free transportation solution that can replace your car. An electric bike can also transform your life in several ways by helping you to cut back expenses, improving your physical and mental health, reducing your carbon footprint, etc. Here’s how an e-bike can change your life.

  1. Save More 

Living in an Australian metropolitan can be expensive. It will cost you even more if you buy a car. The fuel, maintenance, and other miscellaneous costs of a vehicle can burn your pocket. Electric bikes, in general, are low maintenance, and they are powered by affordable batteries that can help you in 20 to 50 miles of assisted biking in a single charge.

You can save a lot of bucks every day if you switch from a car to an electric bike for your daily commute. Studies show that you can save thousands of Australian dollars every year if you quit driving and start riding the best electric bike in Australia. Imagine what you can do with the extra money.

 Best Electric Bike Australia

  1. Pedalling Will Be Easier

E-bikes support battery-powered pedal assist. It means it will give you the boost required to travel long distance. Anyone can easily ride their e-bike in challenging terrain, including hills. People who cannot ride a regular bike because of their physical health problems can easily ride an electric bike and get all the benefits of cycling.

The principle behind electric bikes is that the harder you peddle, the more boost you get from the motor. Most electric bikes come with adjustable settings that allow riders to adjust the turbo boost and control the speed. You can ride a high-performance premium e-bike at speed as high as 40 to 45 KM per hour.

  1. Stay Healthy

Riding an electric bike is an excellent way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many people think that e-biking is only a lazy alternative to traditional biking, but they are not right. A 2016 study found that adults who took up e-biking over traditional cycling were healthier in terms of aerobic fitness. Electric biking also helped them to manage the blood sugar level and lower the fat percentages. Studies also found that e-biking can alleviate the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease in older adults.

  1. Create an Eco-Friendly City

Switching to e-biking from traditional transportations is an excellent way to help this planet. According to a study, a person can reduce the carbon footprint by around 15% every year by stop driving. Amsterdam is a great example that shows how electric biking can contribute to making an eco-friendly city. Together we can also do the same if we stop driving and start riding e-bikes for our daily commute.

Rilu e-Bike is committed to manufacturing premium electric bikes that provide excellent value for money. We offer the highest quality of electric bikes in Australia that can compete with European quality and performance standards. We request you to visit our product pages and explore our best-selling e-bikes.

RILU e-Bikes in Melbourne – Ensuring Comfort and Convenience While Traveling

March 25, 2021 Blog Comments Off on RILU e-Bikes in Melbourne – Ensuring Comfort and Convenience While Traveling

If you want to get a hassle-free travel experience while commuting on a daily basis, you should definitely consider buying an electric bike. Traveling to the office, school, college, or any other place every day can become a time-consuming and hassle-oriented task if you do not choose a proper mode of transport. And if you are into cycling, then the best option available to you is the electric bike. And if you want to buy an e-bike in Melbourne, then a RILU e-Bike is the one that you should choose for.

RILU Trading Pty Ltd offers a wide range of electric bikes in Australia that comes with several advanced features. These e-bikes make bike riding a highly pleasurable and comfortable experience. All the e-bikes are very affordably priced and so, no matter what your budget is, you can easily afford to buy an e-bike in Melbourne.

e-bike in Melbourne,

Electric Bikes Designed for All Kinds of Riders

A rider of any age group can conveniently ride an electric bike, such a way it is designed. The makers of RILU e-Bike understand the expectations and requirements of the modern bike riders and so, they design the e-bikes accordingly. The exclusive range of RILU e-Bikes includes an e-bike for every kind of rider. 

There are Lifestyle & Commuter E-Bikes for the daily commuters, who look for a comfortable, fast, and convenient travel option to travel to their daily destinations in a convenient manner; then, there are Compact & Folding E-Bikes that are perfect for those riders, who prefer a nomadic lifestyle and want an easy-to-store e-bike, which can easily fit in the boot of a car or inside a caravan; also, there are Mountain & Fat E-Bikes that are ideal for long-distance travels on the rugged trails in the mountains – the fat tires of these e-bikes provide a stronger and better grip on the uneven land surface.

There are different types of e-bike models that you can choose from, such as – POGO, BOLT, ONYX, E-Glider 7D, URBAN, ROADIE, etc. You can choose an e-bike model as per your requirements, convenience, and budget.

Buy Premium Quality E-bikes in Melbourne Offered by the Leading Importer-wholesaler of E-bikes in Australia

RILU e-Bike is such an electric bike brand that is synonymous with highly advanced, comfortable, and competitively priced electric bicycles in Australia that are ideal for every kind of rider. All the e-bikes come with a warranty and they are very easy to maintain. The RILU e-Bikes can be purchased from authorized and approved retailers located all over Australia in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, etc. You can contact your nearest retailer and dealer of RILU e-Bike and request a test ride. 

So, buy a RILU e-Bike today and enjoy riding in comfort and style!

Sydney Electric Bikes – A Cost-Effective, Comfortable, and Convenient Mode of Transport

March 1, 2021 Blog Comments Off on Sydney Electric Bikes – A Cost-Effective, Comfortable, and Convenient Mode of Transport

Cycling is considered such a great hobby that proves to be immensely beneficial for health. Cycling in fine weather not only refreshes your mind but also gives you an opportunity to explore your city and the neighboring areas. And if you want to make your bike rides more convenient, then you can opt for an electric bike.  Different types of electric bikes are available these days and if you are in Australia, then you can easily buy the best electric bike in the market – RILU e-Bike. RILU Trading Pty Ltd. designs and manufactures different types of Sydney electric bikes and you can buy these e-bikes in Australia from an authorized dealer of RILU e-Bike.  In this blog, we will learn about the different types of electric bikes offered by this company. 

Sydney Electric Bikes

Sydney Electric Bikes – Where Technology and Convenience Come Together

Electric bikes are such a technology-driven and cost-effective mode of transport that provides the utmost ease of traveling even to long distances. Whether you are going to the office or college or to a friend’s place, covering the distances riding on an electric bike is definitely a pleasurable experience. And if it’s a RILU e-Bike, then the riding experience becomes even more special and worthwhile. 

Let’s Take a Look at the Different Types of Sydney Electric Bikes Offered by RILU e-Bike – 

  • Lifestyle and Commuter E-Bikes – These electric bikes are very comfortable to ride and come in different colors and models. You can buy BOLT or ONYX or E-Glider 7D e-bikes that come with a 500WH long-range battery offering you long hours of riding experience with the utmost comfort, style, and safety. You can comfortably ride these e-bikes on any terrain as they even out the bumps and rugged road surface.
  • Compact and Folding E-Bikes – These electric bikes like the URBAN, POGO, and ROADIE are designed for full performance with long-range batteries and a stylish and sporty look. These Sydney electric bikes are absolutely lightweight and are so compact that they can be stored in small places like in apartments, offices, or in the back of a car or caravan quite easily. These folding e-bikes are a highly reliable travel companion.
  • Mountain and Fat E-Bikes – As the name suggests, these fat tire electric bikes are meant for comfortable mountain rides. These premium e-bikes come with fat tires (the ROADIE has 3-inch tires and the POGO has 4-inch tires), long-range batteries, and in either black or white-colored frames. 

Other than these, e-bike components are also available. An electric bike is a necessary travel gear that one can purchase for everyday commuting and other specific tours and travels. So, buy these premium quality high-performance Sydney electric bikes in Australia and enjoy your journeys.

How Advantageous It is to Ride Electric Bikes in Brisbane?

January 28, 2021 Blog Comments Off on How Advantageous It is to Ride Electric Bikes in Brisbane?

If you are not yet aware of the advantages of owning an electric bike, then you might find this blog informative and interesting. Electric bikes are gaining widespread popularity across the globe mainly because of the usefulness and convenience that come with these electric bicycles. Even if you have a car, owning an electric bike becomes a must as the maintenance cost of e-bikes is very low. The best quality electric bikes of different styles and varieties are offered by RILU Trading Pty Ltd. And so, if you are looking for the finest quality of electric bicycles in Australia, then you should consider buying a RILU e-Bike. This company has more than 5 years of experience in offering an exclusive range of electric bikes in Australia. Hence, to buy electric bikes in Brisbane, visit your nearest dealer of RILU e-Bikes and make a purchase. 

electric bikes in Brisbane

A Glance at the Advantages of Using Electric Bikes in Brisbane

  • An Electric Bike is a Worthy Replacement for a Car. 

Instead of investing in a second car, it is much smarter to buy an e-bike as it is a more cost-effective option and you would certainly enjoy this change of vehicle. Furthermore, you won’t have to spend on refueling your e-bike, or on parking, insurance, registration, servicing, etc.

  • With an E-bike, You Won’t have to Depend on Public Transport. 

And hence, owning an e-bike gives you the freedom to ride at any time you need or want to. You can effortlessly commute to and from your office, school, college, or any other destination every day without the minimum hassle of any kind.

  • A Convenient Ride for Anyone and Everyone. 

If you are too old or too young to drive a car or not flexible enough to ride an ordinary bicycle, then in all these cases, an electric bike is the best option for you. RILU e-Bikes give you the independence and convenience to go for a ride with utmost comfort and ease despite the age or physical restrictions you might be facing. 

  • You Get the Opportunity to Explore New Paths on your E-bike. 

It is an interesting advantage of riding e-bikes. You don’t need to stick to the usual pathways that you travel through every day. On your RILU e-Bike, you can explore your city in a much better way. Many governments are installing and expanding the bike lanes, which give you easier and better access to different corners of the city and make the riding experience all the more joyful.

The Concluding Lines

With all that has been said above, it is very clear that buying the latest models of electric bikes in Brisbane is a very profitable option for commuters. So, get in touch with a RILU e-Bike dealer near you!

The Best Electric Bikes in Australia – Which One Should You Go For?

January 4, 2021 Blog Comments Off on The Best Electric Bikes in Australia – Which One Should You Go For?

People, for whom traveling is an everyday task, need to choose the right kind of vehicle that can provide them with the much-desired convenience. Even if you own a car and find it convenient for traveling, there are certain hassles associated with owning and driving cars like parking issues, fuel refilling, registration, insurance, etc. that cannot be ignored. Considering all these aspects, today, electric bikes are considered to be one of the most hassle-free and convenient transport options that one can avail of. You can buy the best electric bikes in AustraliaRILU e-Bike offered by RILU Trading Pty Ltd. This company offers a premium range of electric bikes in Australia. These electric bikes are categorized into different types as per their riding purposes and unique features. 

best electric bikes in Australia

What are the Different Types of the Best Electric Bikes in Australia?

The best electric bikes in Australia offered by RILU Trading Pty Ltd are categorized into – Lifestyle and Commuter E-Bikes, Compact and Folding E-Bikes, and Mountain and Fat E-Bikes. We will learn about these electric bikes in brief so that you can choose the right one for you as per your preferences. 

  • Lifestyle and Commuter E-Bikes – These e-bikes are ideal for those riders, who are looking for a super comfortable, easy, and fun ride on a daily basis. No matter where you are going, this type of electric bike can be your perfect riding companion. These bikes are suitable for long-distance travels as they come with a 500WH long-range battery. E-bikes in this category include ONYX, BOLT, and E-Glider 7D.

  • Compact and Folding E-Bikes – If lightweight bikes with a unique sporty look are what you prefer, then the folding electric bikes are perfect for you. The e-bikes in this category are ROADIE, POGO (folding type), and URBAN (folding type). These e-bikes are available in different color options. They come in compact designs and require very little space for storage. You can easily keep them in a corner in the office or apartment or even in the back of your car. And so, if you are going out of town, you can easily carry such a bike with you.

  • Mountain and Fat E-Bikes – As the name itself suggests, these electric bicycles are ideal for mountain rides. These e-bikes come with fat tires that make it easier to ride on the rugged mountainous trails. There are two variants of these e-bikes – POGO, which has 4-inch wide tires, and ROADIE, which has 3-inch wide tires. These e-bikes also have long-range batteries and you can opt for a second battery as well.

For the ultimate comfort and ease in riding and storage convenience, these are the best electric bikes in Australia that you can purchase from the dealers of RILU e-Bike.

URBAN Electric Bike – The Best Chic, Compact, and Folding E-Bike in Australia

December 2, 2020 Blog Comments Off on URBAN Electric Bike – The Best Chic, Compact, and Folding E-Bike in Australia

If you want to commute in the most effortless and convenient way, then you should consider switching to electric bikes. Today, a large variety of electric bikes are available in the market, each type having its own unique features, characteristics, and usage benefits, and you can choose one as per your requirements and suitability. And if you are looking for the most stylish, durable, and affordable electric bikes in Australia, then buy a RILU e-Bike. This is a notable registered Australian electrically assisted bicycles brand that is owned by RILU Trading Pty Ltd. Whether you are a daily commuter or a tourist or an aged individual looking for a comfortable and easy-to-ride electric bike, RILU e-Bike has every kind of e-bike for every kind of rider. 

URBAN Electric Bike

URBAN Electric Bike – a Uniquely Designed Folding e-Bike

The URBAN White Folding Electric Bike in Australia offered by RILU e-Bike is a fold and go mobility e-bike designed for young riders as well as those, who are young at heart. This compact and folding e-bike is perfect for those, who travel frequently from one place to another and live a nomadic lifestyle. These bikes are easily foldable and can effortlessly fit inside caravans, mobile homes, and even in the boot of a small car. No matter wherever you travel to, you can easily carry this e-bike with you and then ride it once you reach your destination. 

The Amazing Features of the URBAN Electric Bike

The URBAN White Folding Electric Bikes come in the most stylish and compact designs. Both comfort and convenience are merged in this e-bike and it has an extra-wide plush saddle that gives a very comfortable and smooth riding experience.  If you live in a small apartment and don’t have enough space to store your bike, you can easily store the URBAN White Folding Electric Bike in one small corner of your place as this bike takes minimal space. The bike’s unique folding frame is made of aluminum and it has a height-adjustable stem. It has lights on the front and back and the maximum load this e-bike can take is 110 kg. This e-bike is battery operated and it takes 4 to 5 hours to get the battery fully charged and ready for use. The weight of the URBAN electric bike is 19.5 kg and it comes with a 2-year conditional warranty. 

All the RILU e-Bikes are designed for the ultimate comfort and the URBAN White Folding Electric Bike is your ultimate “last mile” e-bike. These e-bikes are available almost anywhere in Australia and so, you can buy an URBAN electric bike from your nearest dealer and retailer easily. You can request a test ride as well.

RILU Trading Pty Ltd. promises the customers world-class services every time they make a purchase.

Why Are BOLT E-Bikes the Aptest Vehicles for a Hassle-Free and Comfortable Ride?

November 4, 2020 Blog Comments Off on Why Are BOLT E-Bikes the Aptest Vehicles for a Hassle-Free and Comfortable Ride?

Depending on the available transport services for everyday commuting through the crowded roads has become a pain for the commuters. No matter in which part of the world you are in, you need a perfect vehicle that will never disappoint you in times of need. An electric bike is an answer to your problem. An electric bike is affordable, convenient to ride, easy to maintain, and gives you the complete freedom to move anywhere and at any time. The electric bikes are ideal for the elderly, kids, and for those, who don’t have a car or are not fit and flexible enough to ride a normal bicycle. Furthermore, having an e-bike saves you both money and hassles. There is no need for registration formalities, parking troubles, petrol, insurance, etc., with e-bikes. If you are looking for a lifestyle and commuter e-bike for everyday use, buy a BOLT e-bike offered by RILU e-Bike

BOLT e-Bikes

Learn about the Amazingly Advantageous Features of the BOLT e-Bike

The 2nd generation BOLT e-bike is synonymous to ease, durability, sturdiness, and safety. It’s an e-bike model that has both convenient features and a stylish appearance – which are desired by the customers.

  • To absorb all the bumpiness of the road and to help you ride smoothly even on the roughest cobblestone roads and lanes, the BOLT e-bike has an advanced suspension fork.

  • It also has wider tires that help you to maintain an easy grip on the wet roads.

  • Love to go for night rides on your bike? You can easily and safely ride the BOLT e-bikes at night due to the presence of the integrated LED lights present in the front and rear, and the reflected tires and pedals. The lights can be easily controlled from the display provided on the handlebar.

  • The suspension slender seat post makes you feel like you are floating over the potholes and bumps of the street while riding and ensures a comfortable riding experience irrespective of the conditions of the streets and lanes. 

To make sure you feel proud of your BOLT e-bike in every respect, it has an elegant and attractive sporty appearance with a primary black finish and grey highlights on the frame. This model of e-bikes is an ideal commuter and touring e-bike, which can be used by everyone irrespective of age and physical fitness. 

RILU e-Bike designs its e-bikes to cater to all riding needs of the customers.

Some Additional Information on BOLT e-bike

The bike comes with a 2-year conditional warranty. The weight of the e-bike is 24 kg and the maximum load it can take is 125 kg. It has a 60-degree adjustable aluminum stem and it’s very easy to start.

You can request a test ride to your nearest dealer and make a purchase. Visit for more details on the e-bikes.

Move to a Smarter Mode of Transportation with an ONYX Electric Bike

September 28, 2020 Blog Comments Off on Move to a Smarter Mode of Transportation with an ONYX Electric Bike

Do you know about e-bikes or e-bicycles? Well, just imagine a normal cycle and add a few important components to it – battery, motor, controller, sensor, display, and throttle. Looks wow right! Imagine driving a normal cycle without even pedling and that’s your e-cycle or e-bike. It is time to ditch your car and delete your riding apps and time to get an e-bike. Some feel threatened by the rising popularity of e-bikes as they feel that bikes will suddenly vanish like penny-farthing once people start to go for electric vehicles. The rest of the people are of the opinion that e-bikes won’t make human-powered bikes obsolete. But now, the trend is such that the market is now flooded with battery-powered bikes of all shapes and sizes, ONYX electric bike being one of them.

ONYX Electric BikeReasons to Choose an ONYX e-Bike

RILU Trading Pty Ltd is committed to making high-quality, great value for money reliable electric bicycles (e-bikes) available for purchase. Electric bikes are more than just a fun tech fad. These could be the future of transportation. The company works towards continuously improving and expanding its range of electric bikes to meet the needs for reliable, low cost, environmental-friendly, and comfortable transport for all Australians. Their electric bikes are easy and fun to ride and they boast of the optimistic comments received by their customers. For them, their customers’ satisfaction is the only goal. They know how to value their customers. These durable, well-designed, and high-quality electric bikes give extra contentment to the customers while they are riding those.

A Brief about ONYX e-Bike

These e-bikes have the features of 3rd generation Bolt with a height of 45cm. The upgraded suspension fork soaks up the roughest of cobblestone gutters while the wider tires add grip on wet roads. The slim integrated suspension seat post adds the feel of floating over bumps and potholes. With the integrated front and rear LED lights, night riding is safe and there is a controlled display on the handlebar supplemented by reflective tires and pedals. The classy semi-flat black and grey highlights on the frame add an elegant sporty appearance to the e-bike. An ONYX electric bike and other e-bikes come with a 2 years warranty and have amazing electronic parts to provide convenience while starting and pedaling.

Customer Executives Catering to your Queries

What are you waiting for? Buy your electric bike today and rest be assured about the quality, design, warranty, and body parts of e-bikes. All the staff is passionate and knowledgeable about the e-bikes. They will guide you to their best. Be assured that they are here for you to look after your e-bikes and if you have any queries or face any trouble, feel free to contact them.

How Can Riding an E-Bike in Melbourne Give You a Joyful Experience?

August 27, 2020 Blog 0

Bicycle riding is always a pleasurable experience for the rider. Riding through the lanes and bylanes on a bicycle brings joy to the mind and soul and also, it is a good way of exercising as cycling tones your leg muscles and improves body flexibility. And this experience becomes more enriching if you choose to ride an electric bike. Electric bikes in Australia are gaining huge popularity as they offer some amazing benefits and have some great features that make them ideal for everybody.

Ride an E-Bike in Melbourne and Understand the Difference

Riding an electric bike is a lot different from riding an ordinary bicycle. Though it’s called a bicycle, it’s quite differently designed and structured. An e-bike features various electrical components like a motor, battery, controller, etc., and all these components are integrated into a chic design that gives a modern and elegant appearance to the e-bike. The electric components added to the bikes reduce the manual power that needs to be invested in pedaling a bike. So, even if you are riding uphill or on any rugged landscape, you will be able to ride longer without getting tired. Because of the integrated motor, an e-bike easily takes up the speed and the rider has to put minimum pressure while pedaling.

Electric Bikes Australia

RILU e-Bike – Offering the Best Electric Bikes in Australia

If you are wondering which brand to choose for buying e-bikes in Australia, go for the RILU e-Bike without any second thought. A wide range of electric bikes is offered by RILU Trading Pty Ltd, which is a well-known importer-wholesaler of electric bikes all over Australia. This company offers e-bikes that are of superior quality, incorporate the best features, and are competitively priced. You get long-term warranties on these e-bikes and they are comfortable and effortless to ride. 

Choose from Different Varieties of Electric Bikes in Australia

Different styles of e-bikes are available – lifestyle and commuter e-bikes, mountain and fat e-bikes, compact and folding e-bikes, etc. As per your purpose, requirement, and personal preference, you can choose an e-bike model and make a purchase.

Buy E-Bikes in Melbourne from Approved Retailers/Dealers

If you want to buy a RILU e-Bike, you need to contact an approved dealer of these bikes located in different regions all over Australia like Queensland, Victoria, Melbourne, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, etc. The e-bikes are available for test rides as well and so, if you want to check how it feels like riding a RILU e-Bike, then you can always request a test ride before making the purchase. So, visit the nearest authorized dealer of RILU e-Bike and bring home convenience and riding comfort and freedom in the form of an electric bike of the most notable brand in Australia.

Could e-Bikes Save the Planet?

October 11, 2015 Blog 0

See that kid riding by you, effortlessly gliding up the hill as you juggle your shopping and sprint for the tram? Hear the soft whir as that woman glides past your window while you wait in traffic stretching beyond the horizon? e-Bikes are taking over. With Rilu e-Bikes and their pedal-assisted electric motors, an idea that was once obscure and unpopular has become fashionable. But could they also be the key to saving our planet?

Australia′s problem

We can all agree that climate change is a reality. And there′s no denying that much of the emissions polluting our atmosphere are caused by our gas/diesel/petrol guzzling automobiles. What we might not all know is that Australian-made cars emit 43 percent more emissions than European cars. That′s 199 grams per kilometre. The last Motor Vehicle Census counted 18 million motor vehicle owners in Australia. Motor vehicles in Australia produce about 13% of Australia′s carbon emissions, and with the population steadily increasing well. We might want to take our foot off the gas once in a while.

What Can Rilu do?

Even just one person giving up their Toyota and opting for a healthier, fitter lifestyle can make a difference. The Lithium Ion batteries in e-Bikes produce almost no carbon emissions, slowing the accumulation of toxic gasses wafting up into our atmosphere and trapping us in our own mistakes.

If inner-city people gave up their road-crowding cars and opted for electric bikes instead, Australia could see a marked reduction in its contribution to global warming.

The e-bike lifestyle has other earth-friendly benefits, too. These slim two-wheelers take up about a quarter tenth of the average space a car takes up, and as a result we could reduce overcrowding in cities, decrease road accidents and calm the nerves of thousands of drivers gripping their knuckles on the steering wheel. Bikes can be stashed just about anywhere and a garage is hardly needed to house just one or two e-Bikes. Who knows what you could do with all that extra space? Start up a garden and live a self-sustaining, organic lifestyle? Maybe, but let′s not get too ahead of ourselves.

Are they right for you?

Head on over to and check out their range of options on different e-Bikes. Consider whether you really need to drive to work every day. And it′s at least got to feel good rolling past a traffic jam in the bike lane once in a while.