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Move to a Smarter Mode of Transportation with an ONYX Electric Bike

September 28, 2020 Blog Comments Off on Move to a Smarter Mode of Transportation with an ONYX Electric Bike

Do you know about e-bikes or e-bicycles? Well, just imagine a normal cycle and add a few important components to it – battery, motor, controller, sensor, display, and throttle. Looks wow right! Imagine driving a normal cycle without even pedling and that’s your e-cycle or e-bike. It is time to ditch your car and delete your riding apps and time to get an e-bike. Some feel threatened by the rising popularity of e-bikes as they feel that bikes will suddenly vanish like penny-farthing once people start to go for electric vehicles. The rest of the people are of the opinion that e-bikes won’t make human-powered bikes obsolete. But now, the trend is such that the market is now flooded with battery-powered bikes of all shapes and sizes, ONYX electric bike being one of them.

ONYX Electric BikeReasons to Choose an ONYX e-Bike

RILU Trading Pty Ltd is committed to making high-quality, great value for money reliable electric bicycles (e-bikes) available for purchase. Electric bikes are more than just a fun tech fad. These could be the future of transportation. The company works towards continuously improving and expanding its range of electric bikes to meet the needs for reliable, low cost, environmental-friendly, and comfortable transport for all Australians. Their electric bikes are easy and fun to ride and they boast of the optimistic comments received by their customers. For them, their customers’ satisfaction is the only goal. They know how to value their customers. These durable, well-designed, and high-quality electric bikes give extra contentment to the customers while they are riding those.

A Brief about ONYX e-Bike

These e-bikes have the features of 3rd generation Bolt with a height of 45cm. The upgraded suspension fork soaks up the roughest of cobblestone gutters while the wider tires add grip on wet roads. The slim integrated suspension seat post adds the feel of floating over bumps and potholes. With the integrated front and rear LED lights, night riding is safe and there is a controlled display on the handlebar supplemented by reflective tires and pedals. The classy semi-flat black and grey highlights on the frame add an elegant sporty appearance to the e-bike. An ONYX electric bike and other e-bikes come with a 2 years warranty and have amazing electronic parts to provide convenience while starting and pedaling.

Customer Executives Catering to your Queries

What are you waiting for? Buy your electric bike today and rest be assured about the quality, design, warranty, and body parts of e-bikes. All the staff is passionate and knowledgeable about the e-bikes. They will guide you to their best. Be assured that they are here for you to look after your e-bikes and if you have any queries or face any trouble, feel free to contact them.

How Can Riding an E-Bike in Melbourne Give You a Joyful Experience?

August 27, 2020 Blog 0

Bicycle riding is always a pleasurable experience for the rider. Riding through the lanes and bylanes on a bicycle brings joy to the mind and soul and also, it is a good way of exercising as cycling tones your leg muscles and improves body flexibility. And this experience becomes more enriching if you choose to ride an electric bike. Electric bikes in Australia are gaining huge popularity as they offer some amazing benefits and have some great features that make them ideal for everybody.

Ride an E-Bike in Melbourne and Understand the Difference

Riding an electric bike is a lot different from riding an ordinary bicycle. Though it’s called a bicycle, it’s quite differently designed and structured. An e-bike features various electrical components like a motor, battery, controller, etc., and all these components are integrated into a chic design that gives a modern and elegant appearance to the e-bike. The electric components added to the bikes reduce the manual power that needs to be invested in pedaling a bike. So, even if you are riding uphill or on any rugged landscape, you will be able to ride longer without getting tired. Because of the integrated motor, an e-bike easily takes up the speed and the rider has to put minimum pressure while pedaling.

Electric Bikes Australia

RILU e-Bike – Offering the Best Electric Bikes in Australia

If you are wondering which brand to choose for buying e-bikes in Australia, go for the RILU e-Bike without any second thought. A wide range of electric bikes is offered by RILU Trading Pty Ltd, which is a well-known importer-wholesaler of electric bikes all over Australia. This company offers e-bikes that are of superior quality, incorporate the best features, and are competitively priced. You get long-term warranties on these e-bikes and they are comfortable and effortless to ride. 

Choose from Different Varieties of Electric Bikes in Australia

Different styles of e-bikes are available – lifestyle and commuter e-bikes, mountain and fat e-bikes, compact and folding e-bikes, etc. As per your purpose, requirement, and personal preference, you can choose an e-bike model and make a purchase.

Buy E-Bikes in Melbourne from Approved Retailers/Dealers

If you want to buy a RILU e-Bike, you need to contact an approved dealer of these bikes located in different regions all over Australia like Queensland, Victoria, Melbourne, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, etc. The e-bikes are available for test rides as well and so, if you want to check how it feels like riding a RILU e-Bike, then you can always request a test ride before making the purchase. So, visit the nearest authorized dealer of RILU e-Bike and bring home convenience and riding comfort and freedom in the form of an electric bike of the most notable brand in Australia.

Could e-Bikes Save the Planet?

October 11, 2015 Blog 0

See that kid riding by you, effortlessly gliding up the hill as you juggle your shopping and sprint for the tram? Hear the soft whir as that woman glides past your window while you wait in traffic stretching beyond the horizon? e-Bikes are taking over. With Rilu e-Bikes and their pedal-assisted electric motors, an idea that was once obscure and unpopular has become fashionable. But could they also be the key to saving our planet?

Australia′s problem

We can all agree that climate change is a reality. And there′s no denying that much of the emissions polluting our atmosphere are caused by our gas/diesel/petrol guzzling automobiles. What we might not all know is that Australian-made cars emit 43 percent more emissions than European cars. That′s 199 grams per kilometre. The last Motor Vehicle Census counted 18 million motor vehicle owners in Australia. Motor vehicles in Australia produce about 13% of Australia′s carbon emissions, and with the population steadily increasing well. We might want to take our foot off the gas once in a while.

What Can Rilu do?

Even just one person giving up their Toyota and opting for a healthier, fitter lifestyle can make a difference. The Lithium Ion batteries in e-Bikes produce almost no carbon emissions, slowing the accumulation of toxic gasses wafting up into our atmosphere and trapping us in our own mistakes.

If inner-city people gave up their road-crowding cars and opted for electric bikes instead, Australia could see a marked reduction in its contribution to global warming.

The e-bike lifestyle has other earth-friendly benefits, too. These slim two-wheelers take up about a quarter tenth of the average space a car takes up, and as a result we could reduce overcrowding in cities, decrease road accidents and calm the nerves of thousands of drivers gripping their knuckles on the steering wheel. Bikes can be stashed just about anywhere and a garage is hardly needed to house just one or two e-Bikes. Who knows what you could do with all that extra space? Start up a garden and live a self-sustaining, organic lifestyle? Maybe, but let′s not get too ahead of ourselves.

Are they right for you?

Head on over to and check out their range of options on different e-Bikes. Consider whether you really need to drive to work every day. And it′s at least got to feel good rolling past a traffic jam in the bike lane once in a while.