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Why Are BOLT E-Bikes the Aptest Vehicles for a Hassle-Free and Comfortable Ride?

Depending on the available transport services for everyday commuting through the crowded roads has become a pain for the commuters. No matter in which part of the world you are in, you need a perfect vehicle that will never disappoint you in times of need. An electric bike is an answer to your problem. An electric bike is affordable, convenient to ride, easy to maintain, and gives you the complete freedom to move anywhere and at any time. The electric bikes are ideal for the elderly, kids, and for those, who don’t have a car or are not fit and flexible enough to ride a normal bicycle. Furthermore, having an e-bike saves you both money and hassles. There is no need for registration formalities, parking troubles, petrol, insurance, etc., with e-bikes. If you are looking for a lifestyle and commuter e-bike for everyday use, buy a BOLT e-bike offered by RILU e-Bike

BOLT e-Bikes

Learn about the Amazingly Advantageous Features of the BOLT e-Bike

The 2nd generation BOLT e-bike is synonymous to ease, durability, sturdiness, and safety. It’s an e-bike model that has both convenient features and a stylish appearance – which are desired by the customers.

  • To absorb all the bumpiness of the road and to help you ride smoothly even on the roughest cobblestone roads and lanes, the BOLT e-bike has an advanced suspension fork.

  • It also has wider tires that help you to maintain an easy grip on the wet roads.

  • Love to go for night rides on your bike? You can easily and safely ride the BOLT e-bikes at night due to the presence of the integrated LED lights present in the front and rear, and the reflected tires and pedals. The lights can be easily controlled from the display provided on the handlebar.

  • The suspension slender seat post makes you feel like you are floating over the potholes and bumps of the street while riding and ensures a comfortable riding experience irrespective of the conditions of the streets and lanes. 

To make sure you feel proud of your BOLT e-bike in every respect, it has an elegant and attractive sporty appearance with a primary black finish and grey highlights on the frame. This model of e-bikes is an ideal commuter and touring e-bike, which can be used by everyone irrespective of age and physical fitness. 

RILU e-Bike designs its e-bikes to cater to all riding needs of the customers.

Some Additional Information on BOLT e-bike

The bike comes with a 2-year conditional warranty. The weight of the e-bike is 24 kg and the maximum load it can take is 125 kg. It has a 60-degree adjustable aluminum stem and it’s very easy to start.

You can request a test ride to your nearest dealer and make a purchase. Visit for more details on the e-bikes.

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