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What Are the Health Benefits of Riding Electric Bikes?

Cycling, in general, is one of the healthiest activities anyone can perform. Along with boosting your fitness, it will improve your wellbeing and fortify your immunity system. But do electric bikes provide the same benefits? Many people argue that e-bike riders don’t get enough exercise compared to standard pedal bike cyclists. But that’s not true!

Whether you believe it or not, but the fact is electric bicycles may help riders to get more exercise than standard bicycles. Here are a few of the many health benefits you can look forward to if you start riding electric bicycles in Australia or other countries.

#1 You Will Still Get Exercise Irrespective of Your Physical Ability


The biggest selling point of electric bicycles is their technology that allows anyone regardless of their ability to enjoy riding bicycles. E-bikes run on rechargeable batteries that support energy-efficient, pedal-assisted riding. It means people with joint pain or other physical limitations can still get out, ride their e-bike, and get their blood pumping without any hesitation or fear of injury.

Amateurs with moderate fitness can ride electric bicycles across the town or through the hills. Pedal assisted e-bikes also help athletes to get moving when they are recovering from an injury. Even people with chronic disabilities can ride e-bikes to get some low-impact exercise.

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#2 Enhance Your Cardiovascular Health

Riding an e-bike can strengthen your cardiovascular system and help you to take good care of your heart. Several studies suggest that cycling even on an electric bicycle for around 10 minutes daily can improve your cardiorespiratory performance and general health condition. So, consider adding cycling to your routine and make your heart & lungs stronger.

#3 Boost Your Mental Health and Wellbeing


After a quick session of riding an e-bike with your friends, you will surely notice improvements in your mood. The feeling of being outside while cycling will reduce your stress. Below is a small list of a few mental health benefits that you can achieve by continuing riding electric bikes in Australia or other countries:

  • Better sleep
  • Improved creative thinking and memory
  • Reduced stress and the risk of depression
  • Enhanced personal productivity

You can also choose to ride your e-bike for social reasons as cycling helps to build more confidence and also to socialise.

#4 Lose Weight


Cycling, in general, contribute to weight loss no matter whether you ride a conventional or electric bike. We recommend riding any type of bicycle for around 20 minutes as a part of cardiovascular exercise. The more you ride, the more calories you will burn. Therefore, achieving your weight loss goal will become easier for you.

We hope that the major health benefits of riding e bikes in Australia or other countries are now clear to you. RILU Trading Pty Ltd is a leading Australian company importing premium e-bikes from globally popular flagship brands. Electric bicycles that we sell are uniquely designed, high performing and competitively priced. Visit our product pages to explore our different types of e-bikes.

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