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Top Five Maintenance Tips for Your Electric Bikes

​Going green is the need of the hour. As a responsible citizen, if you want to contribute to keeping the environment clean, consider riding an electric bike. Along with environmental benefits, e-bikes also provide several other perks. For example, electric bikes are easy to maintain and therefore, you have to spend less time, effort, and money on their maintenance. The below tips will help you to keep your electric bike in top-notch condition.

  1. Cleaning 

You can keep dust, dirt, and debris away from your electric bike by cleaning it regularly. We recommend electric bike owners use a wet rag or low-pressure water stream to clean the bike. You have to be very careful when using water to clean the e-bike, or else the electrical system may get wet and cause malfunction. You must not use a high-pressure hose on any electrical parts.

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  1. Tyre Pressure

You should always check the tire pressure before taking a ride on your electric bicycle. Use a pressure gauge to check the air pressure in your bike’s tires. Never ride your bike with inadequate tire pressure, as it may cause you to fall or skid. The recommended tire pressure range is either printed or embossed on the side of the tire.

  1. Battery Care

Batteries are arguably the most vital component of an electric bicycle. Therefore, you must check the battery quality carefully before buying one of the best e bikes in Australia or in any other countries. Lithium-ion batteries are the most common battery type for electric bikes. They can produce the maximum amount of power output for their weight compared to the other types of batteries. In addition, they are also durable and last longer. So always buy an electric bike that runs on a lithium-ion battery.

Besides, you also have to take good care of the battery throughout its lifetime. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before charging your battery for the first time. You may end up damaging the battery by charging it improperly. Please keep in mind that battery replacements can be expensive. So, take good care of the battery for as long as possible. Never leave your battery totally empty, or discharged for any length of time. Even when not using your electric bike for longer periods, plug your battery into the charger every 2-3 months.

  1. Lubrication

Always apply the right amount of lubrication to the major moving parts of your electric bike to ensure they work properly. You may notice several problems with your e-bike if the lubrication dries. You must lubricate your e-bike at least once every month. If you are a frequent rider, then do it once every week, particularly the chain. The chain must also be cleaned before further lubricant is applied. Use a special chain lubricant which does not attract as much dust.

  1. Brake Pads

You must look at the brake pads on your electric bike once every few weeks to check how they are holding up. Before riding the e-bike, you must ensure that the brakes are in good working condition: the pads are not overly worn and the cables are adjusted for easy application and control or else you may end up in a serious accident.

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