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The Best Electric Bikes in Australia – Which One Should You Go For?

People, for whom traveling is an everyday task, need to choose the right kind of vehicle that can provide them with the much-desired convenience. Even if you own a car and find it convenient for traveling, there are certain hassles associated with owning and driving cars like parking issues, fuel refilling, registration, insurance, etc. that cannot be ignored. Considering all these aspects, today, electric bikes are considered to be one of the most hassle-free and convenient transport options that one can avail of. You can buy the best electric bikes in AustraliaRILU e-Bike offered by RILU Trading Pty Ltd. This company offers a premium range of electric bikes in Australia. These electric bikes are categorized into different types as per their riding purposes and unique features. 

best electric bikes in Australia

What are the Different Types of the Best Electric Bikes in Australia?

The best electric bikes in Australia offered by RILU Trading Pty Ltd are categorized into – Lifestyle and Commuter E-Bikes, Compact and Folding E-Bikes, and Mountain and Fat E-Bikes. We will learn about these electric bikes in brief so that you can choose the right one for you as per your preferences. 

  • Lifestyle and Commuter E-Bikes – These e-bikes are ideal for those riders, who are looking for a super comfortable, easy, and fun ride on a daily basis. No matter where you are going, this type of electric bike can be your perfect riding companion. These bikes are suitable for long-distance travels as they come with a 500WH long-range battery. E-bikes in this category include ONYX, BOLT, and E-Glider 7D.

  • Compact and Folding E-Bikes – If lightweight bikes with a unique sporty look are what you prefer, then the folding electric bikes are perfect for you. The e-bikes in this category are ROADIE, POGO (folding type), and URBAN (folding type). These e-bikes are available in different color options. They come in compact designs and require very little space for storage. You can easily keep them in a corner in the office or apartment or even in the back of your car. And so, if you are going out of town, you can easily carry such a bike with you.

  • Mountain and Fat E-Bikes – As the name itself suggests, these electric bicycles are ideal for mountain rides. These e-bikes come with fat tires that make it easier to ride on the rugged mountainous trails. There are two variants of these e-bikes – POGO, which has 4-inch wide tires, and ROADIE, which has 3-inch wide tires. These e-bikes also have long-range batteries and you can opt for a second battery as well.

For the ultimate comfort and ease in riding and storage convenience, these are the best electric bikes in Australia that you can purchase from the dealers of RILU e-Bike.

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