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Move to a Smarter Mode of Transportation with an ONYX Electric Bike

Do you know about e-bikes or e-bicycles? Well, just imagine a normal cycle and add a few important components to it – battery, motor, controller, sensor, display, and throttle. Looks wow right! Imagine driving a normal cycle without even pedling and that’s your e-cycle or e-bike. It is time to ditch your car and delete your riding apps and time to get an e-bike. Some feel threatened by the rising popularity of e-bikes as they feel that bikes will suddenly vanish like penny-farthing once people start to go for electric vehicles. The rest of the people are of the opinion that e-bikes won’t make human-powered bikes obsolete. But now, the trend is such that the market is now flooded with battery-powered bikes of all shapes and sizes, ONYX electric bike being one of them.

ONYX Electric BikeReasons to Choose an ONYX e-Bike

RILU Trading Pty Ltd is committed to making high-quality, great value for money reliable electric bicycles (e-bikes) available for purchase. Electric bikes are more than just a fun tech fad. These could be the future of transportation. The company works towards continuously improving and expanding its range of electric bikes to meet the needs for reliable, low cost, environmental-friendly, and comfortable transport for all Australians. Their electric bikes are easy and fun to ride and they boast of the optimistic comments received by their customers. For them, their customers’ satisfaction is the only goal. They know how to value their customers. These durable, well-designed, and high-quality electric bikes give extra contentment to the customers while they are riding those.

A Brief about ONYX e-Bike

These e-bikes have the features of 3rd generation Bolt with a height of 45cm. The upgraded suspension fork soaks up the roughest of cobblestone gutters while the wider tires add grip on wet roads. The slim integrated suspension seat post adds the feel of floating over bumps and potholes. With the integrated front and rear LED lights, night riding is safe and there is a controlled display on the handlebar supplemented by reflective tires and pedals. The classy semi-flat black and grey highlights on the frame add an elegant sporty appearance to the e-bike. An ONYX electric bike and other e-bikes come with a 2 years warranty and have amazing electronic parts to provide convenience while starting and pedaling.

Customer Executives Catering to your Queries

What are you waiting for? Buy your electric bike today and rest be assured about the quality, design, warranty, and body parts of e-bikes. All the staff is passionate and knowledgeable about the e-bikes. They will guide you to their best. Be assured that they are here for you to look after your e-bikes and if you have any queries or face any trouble, feel free to contact them.

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