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How Bicycle Friendly Australian Cities Are?

Cycling has gained unbelievable popularity in recent years. Riding one for commuting is good for the planet, easy on the pocketbook, healthy and even fun. The perks of cycling are abundantly clear, but the question is, how friendly Australian cities are for cycling. This post aims to answer this question.

What Are The Most Bike-Friendly Cities in Australia?

Cycle Cities has recently analysed 40 cities globally to find out the most bike-friendly destinations on earth. Their report has identified Adelaide, Canberra, and Perth among Australia’s as well as the world’s friendliest cities for bicycle riders.

Cycle Cities has considered road safety, affordability, cycling laws, climate, and elevation to prepare the city ranks. They have given points to each city out of 280 based on assessment criteria. Adelaide has scored 185 in this parameter and came at 7th rank, followed by Perth and Canberra at 8th and 9th rank.

According to this report, Copenhagen, Denmark has secured the number one position, followed by Estonia’s Tallinn and Netherlands’s Amsterdam. These two cities have taken second and third places respectively.

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What About Melbourne?

Melbourne may not appear in the Cycle Cities report, but it doesn’t mean that Melbourne is a terrible choice to ride bicycles. Melbourne city council has recently done something unique, at least to those unfamiliar with Amsterdam or Copenhagen like city culture. They have removed a vehicle lane from the Princes Bridge to make room for cyclists. The city council has already invested $8 million in the past two years to build dedicated cycle trails across the city and start a new bike hire scheme. They are also planning to boost the number of cyclists by 50% in just four years by taking some progressive measures.

Brisbane Is Not Far Behind

The river city of Australia is another friendliest location for bicycle riders. Here’s why:

  • Brisbane is equipped with various bikeways ranging from inner-city bike roads to picturesque treks through nature. The inner-city paths are built on either side of the Brisbane River that you can take for urban commuting, and at the weekend, you can take the scenic cycling treks through bush and wetlands. Jim Soorley Bikeway connects with Kedron Brook Cycleways and Moreton Bay in this area.
  • The weather in Brisbane is also suitable for cycling. You will love exploring the beauty of the suburbs while riding your bike under the cloudless blue sky in the middle of a winter day.
  • Road safety laws in Queensland are also stringent, making cycling in Brisbane an excellent option.

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