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Everything You Should Keep In Mind Before Buying An Electric Bike

People around the world are embracing green technology for their transportation in order to save the planet. However, people who prefer battery-powered cars create more attention from the press and media. But the conventional bike riders are rapidly switching to electric bikes and that is where the real revolution of green technology is taking place. The price of petroleum is on a continuous rise, and more two-wheeler riders are taking interest in buying electric bikes to save recurring costs of transportation. The latest electric bikes are offering an extended range and exclusive designs for two-wheeled commuters and they are feeling attracted to the advantages offered by the e-bike producers. A recent research study predicts that around 130 million electric bikes will be sold globally by 2023.

Key Takeaways:

Electric bikes have lots of advantages. But more importantly, electric bikes have significant implications for our environment. Battery-powered two-wheelers and four-wheelers are the future of transportation and we are living in the future already. As more and more commuters buy electric bikes and run through the cities, it is becoming easier for bicycle riders to move around the city. If you are living in Sydney, Australia, perhaps you have observed the growing number of people using Sydney electric bikes for better convenience. Therefore, kindly read this blog to know some of the most basic things about electric bikes before you make your buying decision.

Sydney electric bikes

What Is an E-Bike?

An E-bike is just the same as a standard bicycle with a battery-powered motor that provides the bikers with pedal assist. E-bikes provide you with an advantage to travel anywhere. From mountain terrain to going long distances, and from hauling goods to travel through busy city roads, e-bikes provide additional support by giving an extra electric push to your bike. An electric bike has several components and accessories including e-bike motors and controllers, mechanical accessories, electronic accessories, battery, and toolkit.

What Are The Things You Should Consider Before Buying?

  • Assess Your Need:

Electric bikes are designed for different people with different purposes. Therefore, before buying an e-bike it is essential to consider your needs. You have to make a decision on which feature you need the most. If you are looking for comfort and relaxation, then a step-through frame should be your priority. Or in case, if you need an electric bike for hill climbing, then you should prefer a bike with a middle-motor system or high-torque hub motor. And if you require an electric bike for traveling long distances, then you must need a bike with 400 hours and more battery backup.

  • Choose The Right Retailer:

Your decision to buy a proper electric bike largely depends on the shop from where you are buying your electric bike. You must choose the retailer nearby based on three major points; environment, commitment, and the quality of service. You must judge the retailer on their knowledge, friendliness, and willingness to offer help and support at the time of your need. The dealer or retailer must have the necessary enthusiasm to promote e-bikes. Moreover, it is also important to observe the range of bike models they are offering. For instance, if you live in Sydney, you need to see the different models of Sydney electric bikes.

  • Test Ride Is Important:

Before you make your decision on buying an e-bike it is vital to take a test ride. Test rides allow you to have a real experience of the bike. You can feel the vibe, comfort, and gain important knowledge on essential things like brakes and motors. While riding, you can also check its quality and functionality.

  • Check The Warranty:

Although electric bikes are less costly as compared to conventional bikes, purchasing an e-bike is still a big investment. Therefore, you must check the warranty limit and period for your e-bikes. A 2-year warranty is required on parts, battery, and motors to save yourself from future costs.

The Leading Wholesaler Of Electric Bikes In Sydney:

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