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Electric Bikes in Melbourne – The Most Sought After Alternative Fuelled Vehicle

The global electric bicycle market is growing substantially since the last decade. Now they represent the biggest uptake of vehicles fuelled with renewable energy in the history of advanced motorisation. The major Australian cities like Melbourne are also focusing on understanding the current e-bike trend, its impact on the environment, and travel behaviour. The country’s harmonisation of e-bike regulation is equivalent to European standards and coupled with a growing market interest. It has resulted in a flourishing electric bike sector in Melbourne and other Australian cities.

Electric Bike Potentiality in Melbourne

Electric bicycles offer quicker travel time with less effort. That’s how they reduce the most common barriers of ordinary bicycles. For example, e-bikes can help you to overcome physical limitations, topographical challenges, etc. You can also carry greater loads like groceries or children when riding an e-bike. These possibilities are making electric bicycles a better replacement for petrol scooters and cars. Besides, e-bikes are more nature-friendly and can help you to cut back expenses. The possibilities with e-bikes are endless, and we can show its reflection in their vast popularity surge across Australia, especially in Melbourne.

electric bikes Melbourne

We have already seen wide acceptance of electric bikes in Melbourne for personal travel and commercial applications. Many people have already switched from fossil fuel vehicles to electric bikes for daily commuting. The rapid growth of electric bicycle usage in the delivery industry is quite noticeable. Many food delivery boys now ride e-bikes for their job. So overall, it is fair to conclude that the usage of electric bicycles is surging in Melbourne, and studies suggest that it will completely change market dynamics in the coming few years.

The Leading Wholesaler of Electric Bicycles in Melbourne

RILU Trading Pty Ltd is the fastest growing importer and wholesaler of e-bikes. We are located in the inner west of Melbourne, but we serve across the country. Founded in 2013, RILU electric bicycles have always stood for reliability, high quality, and competitive pricing. We deal with all types of e-bikes, including:

  • Compact and folding electric bicycles
  • Lifestyle and commuter electric bicycles
  • Mountain and fat electric bicycles

All our e-bikes are globally recognised and backed by long-term warranties. They offer a comfortable, reliable, fast, and effortless riding experience suitable for all ages, sizes, and shapes. We don’t just offer ebike in Melbourne, you can also buy our electric bicycles from our authorised retailers and dealers in:

  1. New South Wales
  2. Victoria
  3. Queensland
  4. South Australia
  5. Western Australia etc.

Our team members work tirelessly to expand our network in Australia and provide the best value to our customers for their money. Ensuring your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we will do everything in our power for that. Visit your nearest RILU e-bike dealer today to take a test ride of the electric bike of your choice. Your decision of switching to an e-bike can significantly impact the environment as well as the green transportation economy. Together we can make the earth a better place of living for us and our future generation.

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