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June 1, 2016 Product News 0

June 1 – September 30, 2016

Many RILU e-Bike models are available on special sales prices from all dealers in the RILU e-Bike network.

Test ride your RILU Electric Bicycle at your nearest authorized dealer now!

RILU e-Bikes are now in WA

May 11, 2016 Product News 0
RILU e-Bikes are now in WA

Book your test ride at Orbit Fitness, 470 Scarborough Beach Rd, Osborne Park, Perth, Western Australia

Orbit Fitness is the only authorized dealer for RILU e-Bikes in WA. RILU e-Bikes are now available at their Scarborough Beach Rd store in Osborne Park. Nevil Hunter ( Tel: 0403 242 709) and Tom Kaczor ( Tel: 0438 401 798) are happy to organize test rides for anyone and provide more details on RILU e-Bikes. In the coming months, Orbit Fitness will make RILU e-Bikes available from many of their other stores in WA.

Test Ride RILU e-Bikes at Bike-Edge Wodonga, the RILU e-Bike dealer in Victoria’s North-East

April 11, 2016 Product News 0

Bike-Edge Wodonga is the authorized RILU e-Bike dealer for Albury-Wodonga and the surrounding districts. See either Glenn, or Chloe at their large outlet at Unit 4 / 1 A Moorefield Park Drive in Wodonga and be impressed by their knowledge and expertise in all things bike, with or without motors. Check out their competitive prices, including a free 1-year RACV “Bike Assist” package and book your test ride on a new RILU e-Bike.

How About Castlemaine?

January 11, 2016 Product News 0

See Daryl at Cycle Concepts at 28 Hargraves Street, Castlemaine

For a test ride on a RILU e-Bike. He is our latest, authorized retailer and has got several models in his store for his customers to test and take on a trial ride. He is an expert in electric bicycles and will give great advice and service. Cycle Concepts in Castlemaine, in the heartland of the Victorian Goldfields is the place to go for a RILU e-Bike.

Take a RILU e-Bike for a Test Ride on the Mornington Peninsula

November 11, 2015 Product News 0

RILU e-Bikes are now available at FREEWHEELING CYCLES in Rosebud. This long established bicycle center for the Mornington Peninsula joined the growing range of retail outlets and service centers for our high quality electric bicycles. Residents of the peninsula, visitors and holiday makers are all welcome to take our bikes for a test ride and appreciate the difference in performance, speed and comfort when riding a RILU e-Bike. Look for Mark Bulka at


1 Jetty Road

Rosebud, VIC 3939

Tel: (03) 5981 1132

Adelaide Retailers Welcome RILU e-Bikes

November 10, 2015 Product News 0

Starting with 6 stores, expanding to 8 in the near future Adelaide customers are now well serviced with RILU e-Bikes. Our top quality electric bicycles are available for test rides at all the stores listed below.

Excellent after-sales service by experienced mechanics in all those stores ensures the customers can enjoy a safe ride on their RILU e-Bike for many years to come.

Test ride your RILU e-Bike at:

Euride Cycling Excellence
637B Lower North East Road
Tel: (08) 8336 4490

Standish Cycles Hyde Park
290 Unley Road
Hyde Park
Tel: (08) 8271 6989

Standish Cycles Mario
Level 1, Shop 1070
Westfield Marion
297 Diagonal Road
Oaklands Park
Tel: (08) 8377 1752

Standish Cycles Mile End
195 Henley Beach Road
Mile End
Tel: (08) 8443 5435

Standish Cycles West Lakes
111 West Lakes Boulevard
West Lakes
Tel: (08) 8356 5492

Standish Cycles Klemzig
348 North East Road
Tel: (08) 8261 1696


October 14, 2015 Product News 0

Meet the crews from RILU Trading and CELL Fitzroy from 6-9 AM at marquee No. 7, City Square, Swanston Street, Melbourne and discuss the financial, environmental and health advantages of using electrically assisted bicycles for the daily commute. Further information at

A great day last Wednesday with good weather and hundreds of bike riders coming to City Square in Melbourne for their free breakfast. Great interest was shown by many in our RILU e-Bikes and the mechanic from CELL Fitzroy was kept busy servicing some of the riders coming to the city on the normal bikes. We moved all our e-Bike brochures and all vouchers for services and discounts at CELL Fitzroy.

Press Release: RILU Trading is joining forces with CELL Fitzroy

September 20, 2015 Product News 0

ACN 163 892 752

ACN 163 217 015

20 September, 2015

RILU Trading & CELL Fitzroy Combine Resources Servicing Electric Transport

RILU Trading P/L is pleased to announce that CELL Fitzroy P/L, the Melbourne branch of the national bicycle retailer CELLBIKES®is now the exclusive retail and service center for RILU e-Bikes in the inner North-East of Melbourne. The substantial technical and retailing resources of CELL Fitzroy ( will assist the expansion of electrically assisted bicycle use (e-bikes) in Melbourne and beyond. E-bikes enable commuters to switch from cars and public transport to electrically assisted bicycles, traveling in comfort and safety on the expanding network of dedicated bike lanes in Victoria. E-bikes also enable older citizens and people with limited fitness and agility to regain or increase their mobility. RILU e-Bikes provide an environmentally friendly, low cost mode of 21st century transport.

8 Reasons to make you switch to E-Bikes ASAP

E-Bikes are becoming the rage everywere and if you have not yet tried using them for your daily commute, you most certainly should.

Electric bikes in Melbourne, Australia are becoming everyone’s favourite mode of transport owing to the advantages they bring with them; and it is not just Melbourne, Electric bikes in Adelaide are also winning the hearts of young and old. Electric bikes in Perthare rapidly becoming everyone’s “must try and own” vehicle. The rapid rise in the use of Electric bicycles in Adelaide alone is enough to prove their growing popularity in Australia.

E-bikes are a wonderful invention and are humongous fun to ride. If you have not switched to this great mode of transportation yet, here are 8 reasons why this should be number 1 on your to-do list.

  • Environment friendly: As an aware citizen, you have to ditch the pollution causing cars and motor bikes and switch to these environment friendly e-bikes.
  • Dodge the Public transport inconvenience: If you take a bus or train to your office, you would know what we are talking about. Public transports are a hassle and e-bikes are a great way to skip those hassles. E-bikes are cost effective and are a great substitute to public transportation.
  • Avoid the traffic: How many times has the heavy traffic caused a delay in your travel? Plenty. Right? With an e-bike, you can easily avoid the traffic congestion and rapidly glide along your way on those bike lanes.
  • Speedy travel: The average speed of a bicycle is very impressive; it is about 20 km/h. So, if you think that cars are the best way to reach your destination in time, think again.
  • Less parking space: You don’t have to go through the trouble of making space for an e-bike in your garage. This thing hardly takes up any space. As it doesn’t take much space, you don’t even have to toil in order to find a parking space for your ride.
  • Travel in style: Everybody wants their ride to look appealing to the eyes. E-bikes fit perfectly in this criteria too; the wide colour range and models available in these bikes make them a hot commodity. They look really stylish.
  • Cost effective: E-bikes are not very costly and since they are powered by electricity, they are very easy on the pocket.
  • Healthy transport: E-bikes are very healthy given that they are bikes, they are still pedalled, but at the effort level of your choice.

There you go. We are sure that after reading all those reasons, you can’t contain your excitement and want to lay your hands on an e-bike ASAP. Right? Many people are turning to Electric bicycles in Melbourne, Australia and Electric bicycles in Perth to enjoy the same kind of love and attention.

So, what are you waiting for? If the world is embracing this new, revolutionary type of transportation, why should you be left behind? Get on your e-bike today!

To Pedelec or not to Pedelec? How to Decide if an e-Bike is Right for You

October 10, 2015 Product News 0

How can you tell if an e-bike is right for you? These motorised, environmentally friendly two-wheelers seem like a good idea but you still have to make a decision. Do they fit your needs and would they improve your lifestyle? Here are a few questions (with answers!) to help you make your decision about e-biking.

Where am I going?

Everybody travels at some point during the day. You might be walking to the servo to pick up bread and milk, driving to work later on and then catching the tram into the city for a night out. Is there any room in there for an e-Bike?

Rilu′s e-Bikes have a restricted motor speed of 25 km/h. This might not be as fast as your car, but it shaves a lot off your walking time, and going down hills or being pushed ahead by the wind will get you really moving.

Depending on where you need to travel, you′ll need to know if your e-bike can get you there and back. Rilu e-Bikes run on a battery charge. Depending on weather conditions and hilly terrain, a single charge of the Li Ion battery takes 3-4 hours and will get you anywhere from 30 to 100 km, depending on how much you′re pedalling to help the motor chug along. And, of course, if the motor runs out you can still pedal home the old-fashioned way!

How much am I spending?

Choosing what to spend really depends on your budget and what you need it for. Using it every day to get to and from work will mean you need a reliable, long lasting unit, but the flat roads and easy ride might mean the reasonably priced City Flash variety is perfect.

Still not sure? You can always rent try an e-bike from a Rilu dealer, to test things out and see if you fit the e-Bike lifestyle

Who′s with me?

Marilyn Johnson, writing for The Conversation, says that if you′re not riding an e-Bike, “chances are you know someone who has.” Tony Trott, Australia Post′s head of sustainability, is keen on replacing the Post′s motorbikes with e-bikes to cut emissions and keep things efficient.

Rilu′s website is tremendously easy to use and very informative, but if you feel like belonging to an online community there are plenty of forums dedicated to all things electric bikes, like the electric vehicle and technology forum Endless Sphere. You′ll soon see you won′t be the only one running errands on your electric pedal-powered bike.